The SDSS Advisory Council

The governing body of the SDSS-V Collaboration is its Advisory Council (AC). The AC formulates recommendations on project scope and budget to the Board of Governors of the Astrophysical Research Consortium (ARC). It also operates the process by which new institutions join the project.

The AC is made of representatives from all of the full member institutions. It is chaired by David W Hogg of the Flatiron Institute, and has current members listed below:


  • Charlie Conroy
  • Christopher Martin
  • David W. Hogg
  • David Weinberg
  • Donald P. Schneider
  • Eva Grebel
  • Eva Schinnerer
  • Gail Zasowski
  • Gongbo Zhao
  • Hans-Walter Rix
  • Javier Alonso
  • Jean-Paul Kneib
  • Jeremy Darling
  • Jo Bovy
  • John Mulchaey
  • Jon Holtzman
  • Josh Peek
  • Keivan Stassun
  • Kirpal Nandra
  • Maja Vuckovic
  • Matthias Steinmetz
  • Meg Urry
  • Paul Green
  • Rosemary Wyse
  • Sebastian Sanchez
  • Steve Majewski
  • Tony Wong
  • Xiaohui Fan
  • Xiaowei Liu
  • Yanmei Chen
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