Science Programs

The Milky Way Mapper has a rich set of scientific goals facilitated by an all-sky, multi-epoch, optical and infrared survey. To achieve these goals, we have identified important stellar types to target. These programs contain a number of individual cartons, which provide the detailed selection functions.

A cartoon of a star burning helium in its core and hydrogen in a shell
Inspiration for the division into shell and core cartons. Credit: R. Pogge

The scientific programs are divided into “core” and “shell”. which are statements about their influence on survey strategy rather than on science. Core programs set the sky coverage, number of exposures and epochs, and the moon phase that each field will receive. Within these parameters, shell programs can have a high priority for receiving a fiber in a field.

For the targeting data released in DR18, the division between core and shell programs does not matter, as we present all the targets that meet the carton selection criteria. In DR19 and beyond, we will also release the survey plans that decide how the sky should be observed and which of targets in a carton will actually receive a fiber.

Following the link to each program below will take you to the program page, where the detailed selection functions of each carton are presented.

Core Programs

Shell Programs

Other Programs

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