Faculty and Student Team (FAST) Initiative

Since 2015, the Sloan Foundation has funded a Faculty And Student Team (FAST) initiative. In June 2018, the Foundation renewed this grant for a second three-year cycle to allow us to continue this program.

The FAST program deliberately targets faculty and their students at US institutions with strong track records of serving underrepresented minority students. Each year, a cohort of three FAST scholar teams will be matched with established SDSS partner/collaborator to tackle a research project together. This can be a new project or one that’s already defined.

The FAST program provides teams with specialized training, data rights, and financial support to help them begin working with SDSS data. Ultimately the goal is that FAST teams will build long-term research relationships with SDSS collaborators and be a lasting and productive part of the collaboration. Examples of previous FAST teams and projects can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact the directors of the SDSS FAST Program, Jason Ybarra and Dhanesh Krishnarao, at fast@sdss.org.

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