Value Added Catalogs

In addition to the primary SDSS photometry and spectroscopy, there are a few extra catalogs created by our collaborators that are distributed through the SAS. These Value-Added Catalogs (VACs) are listed below, and include catalogs that were released in earlier data releases.

Optical Emission Line Properties and Black Hole Mass Estimates for SPIDERS SDSS DR16 AGN

Scientific Analysis Catalog

Catalog of spectral properties of X-ray selected SPIDERS AGN, including X-ray fluxes and black hole mass estimates.

Damien Coffey, Mara Salvato, Andrea Merloni, Thomas Boller, Kirpal Nandra, Tom Dwelly, Johan Comparat, Andreas Schulze, Agnese Del Moro, Donald P. Schneider, Julien Wolf

Catalog Data

This dataset appears in DR16 SkyServer and CasJobs in the following tables:


This VAC is a catalog of multi-wavelength spectral properties for all X-ray selected SPIDERS DR16 AGN. The SPIDERS DR16 catalog presented here is based on a clean sample of 2RXS (second ROSAT All-Sky Survey catalogue, Boller et al. 2016) and XMM-Newton Slew Survey sources with optical spectra available. X-ray sources were matched to ALLWISE infrared counterparts using the Bayesian algorithm 'NWAY' (Salvato et al. 2018), which were then spectroscopically identified using SDSS (Dwelly et al. 2017). Visual inspection results for each object in this sample are available from a combination of literature sources and the SPIDERS group, which provide both reliable redshifts and source classifications. We have produced a spectral fitting code that fits the spectral regions around the H beta and MgII emission lines, and measures both line and continuum properties, bolometric luminosities, and black hole mass estimates using the photoionisation (or single-epoch) method. This catalog contains X-ray fluxes, visual inspection results, optical spectral measurements, black hole mass estimates, and additional derived quantities for all SPIDERS DR16 AGN. More details on this catalog can be found in Coffey et al. (2019). We recommend that you always use the latest updated catalog (DR16), but a previous version of the SPIDERS quasar black hole mass catalog is still available. The DR14 version of this catalog can be found here. An older version v0 of the DR16 VAC contained an error affecting the 2RXS flux and luminosity columns. The columns affected are listed below. We recommend that you do not use these columns in this older version v0 for science purposes, and that you use instead the latest version v1 of this VAC (spiders_quasar_bhmass-DR16-v1.fits) for which this error has been fixed. Affected columns in v0: f_class_2RXS, errf_class_2RXS, f_bay_2RXS, errf_bay_2RXS, fden_class_2RXS, errfden_class_2RXS, fden_bay_2RXS, errfden_bay_2RXS, l_class_2RXS, errl_class_2RXS, l_bay_2RXS, errl_bay_2RXS, l2keV_class_2RXS, errl2keV_class_2RXS, l2keV_bay_2RXS, and errl2keV_bay_2RXS.

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