Value Added Catalogs

In addition to the primary SDSS photometry and spectroscopy, there are a few extra catalogs created by our collaborators that are distributed through the SAS. These Value-Added Catalogs (VACs) are listed below, and include catalogs that were released in earlier data releases.

Orbital parameter samplings of APOGEE-2 stars from The Joker

Scientific Analysis Catalog

Catalog with posterior samplings in Keplerian orbital parameters for APOGEE-2 DR17 stars, derived with The Joker.

Adrian M. Price-Whelan


This value added catalog contains posterior samplings in Keplerian orbital parameters (e.g., period, eccentricity, etc.) for all DR17 stars with 3 or more radial velocity measurements (that pass a set of quality cuts) using The Joker, see Price-Whelan et al. (2017). The catalog also contains a file with the posterior samplings, and an additional file with the metadata. A set of Jupyter Notebook tutorials are available with examples on how to interact with the DR17 value added catalog. We recommend that you always use the latest version of this catalog, which is DR17. An earlier version of this VAC for DR16 is still available here, and a set of Jupyter Notebook tutorials are available with examples on how to interact with the DR16 version of this VAC. A previous DR16 version of this VAC was generated with a version of The Joker that contained a bug. Make sure that if you are using the DR16 version of this VAC, you use the most recent DR16 version, which is located at If you are using the previous version DR16 v1.0 of this VAC, please be aware that this bug primarily impacts long-period orbital parameter samplings, and only for systems with radial velocity measurements that are very noisy or have a short baseline relative to the periods of interest. The samplings for systems with precise data or with many epochs should not be affected. The new version of The Joker (that fixes this bug and which was used to generate the most recent version v1.1 of this VAC) is no longer compatible with the samplings produced in the previous (v1.0) VAC. To install a compatible version of The Joker and HQ (to work with the older v1.0 catalogs), you should install the following versions of the Python packages with pip:

 pip install git+
Note however that a DR17 version is available, and that we recommend that you use that version instead of the DR16 one.

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